Orbit - Weebly Instructions


1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
3. Setting the Launch Countdown
4. Changing the Background
5. Removing the Helper Section

Thank you for Downloading the Orbit Weebly Theme designed by WebfireThemes.com.
This theme is designed as a landing page for your website while it is under construction. We have designed using Webfire Theme's new design platform meaning the help is interactive and the sections are click to edit, making it easy to create the page.
The interactive helper boxes you see within the theme are only visible via the weebly editor. These will not be published with the site.
Now you're ready to get started. We strongly advise you read through the instructions first...

Before you make a start, you'll notice the homepage is set to be this instructions file. We recommend the first step you take is to create a new page for "instructions" and associate it to the index.html page layout. This way you will be able to refer back to this instruction file whenever you need to without keeping it as the homepage. Alternatively you can copy and paste the contents of this page into a word document and refer back to that. To setup the page like we recommend do this:
1. Click on pages > ADD > Standard Page
2. Name the page Instructions
3. Ensure the Index.html page layout is selected.
4. Change the Home page to the page layout you want to use.
5. Click Save and Edit.
Now you can set your homepage to use your preffered page layout.

1. Open the orbit.html page layout: (Design > Edit CSS/HTML > orbit.html)
2. Search for (CTRL+F) //LAUNCH TIMER SETTINGS You will see this code:
// Change launch date for ticker
$(function () {
var launchDay = new Date(2016, 1-1, 27);
until: launchDay

3. To change the date, you need to change the bit of code that says new Date(2016, 12-1, 20)
change to the date you want the countdown timer to finish on (do not delete the -1 this is needed)
EG:To set the date to be the 18th Feb 2017 you would change the code to: new Date(2017, 2-1, 18)

1. On your Computer, make sure the name of the image you want to use is named page-bg.jpg
2. Make sure the image is at least 1920px wide and 1080px high (it can be larger than this, although we do not recommend it is smaller)
3. In the weebly dashboard, go to (Design > Edit CSS/HTML > Add new files(s)
4. Find your image and select it to upload. This will replace the default image and take effect when you have published your website

To remove the helper boxes on the site (usually only needed if you are a web developer and you do not want your client to see the helper boxes)
go into the main-style.css file and search for (CTRL+F): #icontent .helper{display:none !important}
Now delete the line above and below that line of code

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